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n study (stud'i) - a room used for reading and writing and studying.

How to study the Bible effectively is a common concern for Bible students. To help you with your Bible study, on this site you will find articles, sermons, Bible studies, resources and other Bible reference tools. If you would like free online Bible study courses or to read the Bible in a year then look at our free offers page.

New study material is constantly being added so check back frequently to view the updates. We wish you all the best with your Bible study! If you are feeling less serious - try some Bible Games.

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Bible Studies

Bible Studies

In-depth look at Bible study topics for those who want to know more than just the basics.

Origin of the Universe


Our daily bread, uplifting words, inspiring us to walk closer to God. Also called exhortations by some Christians.

Bible Study

Bible Basics

A series of writings that introduce first principle Bible topics suited to those without much Bible knowledge.

The Bible


Short, topical articles and spiritual thoughts from the world around us.

Overcoming Temptation


A selection of PDF files addressing specific study subjects, available for free download.

How to Study the Bible Effectively

Study Resources

Extra resources to aid you with your Bible study.

Latest Bible Topics

The Faith of Abraham

Abraham was one of the most faithful men in the Bible and God tested that faith to the limit

The Faith of Elisha

Lessons from the life of the Old Testament prophet

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

A look at this important first principle Bible subject

Armageddon: Fact or Fiction?

What exactly is Armageddon?

Was Peter the First Pope?

Catholic tradition states that Peter was the first Pope, but what does the Bible say?

Don't Envy the World

Does a life in the world seem more appealing that a life in Christ sometimes? That's exactly what the Prodigal Son thought...

The Significance of the Rainbow - Part II

The second part of our study on the rainbow

What is Repentance?

We know God is looking for us to repent, but what is repentance?

God's Thinking vs Man's Thinking

Found out why we are like a house plant!